5 signs of Alzheimer’s, that you should not ignore ??

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s devastating to the individual and the entire family. In the end, we hope to be able to preserve our cherished memories and convey an important message to those we love. Alzheimer’s steals potential, initially recognizes all that we hold dear and ultimately our lives

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop progression of Alzheimer’s disease or even to slow it down too much. But early intervention can manage symptoms and improve quality of life in the short term. Many patients appreciate this opportunity, so it is important to be aware of the signs of Alzheimer’s and how it differs from the cognitive decline associated with aging.

To help you know the difference, we have compiled a list of natural symptoms compared to those that should not be ignored.

The relationship with time and space.

_as we age, it is not uncommon to confuse around the day of the week or accidentally read an old title. With the age-related natural cognitive decline, an individual can usually access the correct information at a later time.

_People with Alzheimer’s disease lose regular time, including season pass. They are struggling to understand the events of the past or the future, so that they may not remember a conversation I had yesterday about the doctor’s appointment today. It is not uncommon for patients with Alzheimer’s, forget where they are where they rest. more….

why most people memory loss.

All people tend to forget appointments occasionally or temporarily remove the person’s name. It may become more common as we age, but it does not mean Alzheimer’s disease. Do not worry if the information coming back later.

It is only natural for Alzheimer’s to forget recent information. Often it is noticed when a person asks the same question over and over again they forget important annual events or begin to rely more on memory aids,

why mind not open to Problem-solving and planning??

It is even more disturbing when a person regularly struggles to follow a multi-step plan, such as a recipe. It can also be difficult for a person with Alzheimer’s to develop a plan, so they will not be able to understand how to move from one idea to another.

important things: Vision & spatial awareness

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s is vision problems, These problems can cause balance problems, assess the exact distance and recognize colors and contrast, in some cases