The reason for the shooting of the lead on this dog 17 times ?

_pet dogs .

why many members of the epic society of social difficulties are the weak blessings.(protected animals) what the work of the driver and the agents of the traffic, the incidents and the car accidents, the vascular accidents and the radical surgeries that cause a lot of the psychological problems, Look what ?story of this dog ??

5 steps: Why abused this animal

The example of a Lebanese dog named Maggie should be an inspiration. According to Metro, the 5-year-old (best animals) slut has had a terrible start to life.

When you hear the words animal abuse, you can imagine malnutrition or beatings.(fucking) These indignities are quite terrible in themselves.whay ??

What suffering does the dog have after ??

pet dogs ??

However, Maggie suffered much more violently. Compartido reported that someone had covered her with 17 balls.

Horribly, some of them had lodged in his eyes.(Animal) This led to a rabid infection.

(people like animals) A brute had also cut off one of the poor dog’s ears and tied it to a box. When Kasey Carlin of Brighton, England, 25, learned of Maggie’s fate, she decided to help.