Why this 75-year-old man is struggling against a crocodile to save a dog’s life

When someone asks you to watch your dog while you are out of town, it can be as bad as asking you to look after your child.

There are just owners who will bring your puppy with his bowl of food, bed and perhaps a favorite toy, as well as those who bring all the land possessions that were never delivered to their dog with the dog’s hourly ventilation. Canine schedule that they expect you to follow religiously

In both cases, it would be devastating if something happened to you. There is a bit of stress and pressure that can percolate through the days, especially if it is particularly close to the person who looks at the dog, because he does not want the dog or the relationship he has with his dog. owner are damaged. .

It was probably the case of Buddy Ackerman of Palm Harbor, Florida, who was observing a dog that belonged to his daughter: a double blow (potential).

Sometimes, that’s why, when a disaster happened, Ackerman retired.