Why washing hands, kills coronavirus

So far, scientists have not found any vaccine or treatment for the Covid-19, All of the drugs that are circulated through social media to treat the Coronavirus remain just allegations so far and the World Health Organization is limiting its use.To this end, officials stress the necessity to take precautions to protect against infection with the Coronavirus by avoiding leaving the home.

How can hand washing kill the coronavirus?

According to the CDC, there are many cases that require
The person has to wash his hands before and after, such as before and after preparing food or eating, after sneezing or
Coughing, after touching garbage and caring for children.

It is advised to use soap and water to wash hands, as this is better than using a deodorant.
Because the sterilizer could leave some germs and viruses behind,
This is why for your health you should wash your hands properly.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, good hand washing prevents transmission of the virus
From one person to another and thus limiting its spread, it is recommended to wash the hands for a period of 20 seconds and sing a chant
(Happy Birthday) in English twice while washing.

And by stabilizing the efficacy of washing hands for 20 seconds, the Daily Mail site conducted an experiment that showed the difference between
Hand washing for five seconds, twenty seconds recommended, as emulation lotion (moisturizer) was used
Germs, then hands were washed and ultraviolet light was shown on them to see how handful the hands were.