10 Signs Symptoms of heart disease

The signs symptoms of coronary heart disease are:

  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • pain throughout the body
  • feeling faint
  • feeling sick (nausea)

But everyone does not have the same symptoms and some people can not have any heart disease.
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Causes of heart disease

Heart disease is the term describing what happens when the blood supply of your heart is blocked or interrupted by an accumulation of fatty substances in the arteries. Over time, your arterial walls can be hairy with fatty deposits. This process is known as atherosclerosis and a fatty deposit called atheroma.

Diagnosing heart disease

1) If a doctor believes that you at risk for heart disease, they can carry out a risk assessment. 2) They will ask about your medical and family history and your lifestyle, and they will do a blood test.

Remediation Of Heart Disease

Heart disease can not be cured, but treatment can help administer symptoms and reduce problem opportunities, such as heart attacks.
Treating can include:
Make your lifestyle new.
1.such as regular exercise
2.stop smoking

Recover from the Impact of heart disease

If you experience a heart attack, angioplasty, or heart surgery, it is possible to return to normal life.
Advice and support available to help you handle aspects of your life that might be influenced by