5 Symptoms of pregnancy every woman should know

Do you know the initial symptoms of pregnancy, From nausea to fatigue, find out what to expect?
5 Symptoms of pregnancy every woman should know
This is what experts want you to know about the possibility of the effect of what happens to your body When you are pregnant.

The most common initial signs and pregnancy symptoms may include
1) Missed period. If you are in the time of giving birth to your child and a week or more have passed without the start of the expected menstrual cycle, you might get pregnant. However, these symptoms can be misleading if you suffer from irregular periods.

2) Swollen breasts. Early changes in pregnancy hormones may make your breasts sensitive and sick. The inconvenience is likely to decrease after a few weeks because your body adjusts to hormone changes.

3)Nausea with vomiting. Morning Sickness, which can attack anytime day or night, it often starts one month after you are pregnant. However, some women felt nauseous early and some never experienced it. While causing nausea during pregnancy is unclear, pregnancy hormone is likely to play a role.

4) Fatigue: also ranks high among the first symptoms of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, the levels of the hormonal progesterone soard – which could make you feel drowsy