6 symptoms of warning that you have heart disease??

…Pay attention to what you feel. If you may notice any of the symptoms described below, it may mean you have heart disease. Do not ignore these warning signs and do everything possible to avoid possible health problems. ..You are responsible for your private life. Every year, heart disease kills millions of males and females – and not becoming a victim.

#1 The problem of Shortness of Breath

..How fast are you breathing? If you have been running or exercising, shortness of breath is a normal phenomenon. If you suffer from shortness of breath even when not active, then you need medical help and professional advice.

The reason this happens to you is that your heart is too weak to pump blood. Your blood leaks into and hugs your lungs. This causes difficulty in proper breathing,

#3 Cause of fainting

….Diseases of the heart can cause fainting. This is what usually happens to a person after an intensive training session. This type of heart irregularity is the result of low blood pressure – the brain is not provided with a sufficient amount of blood that leads to a temporary loss of consciousness.

#4 Cause of Exhaustion

..Feeling abnormal fatigue without reason. If you feel that you can not complete normal tasks without taking time off, it probably means that you have heart disease. Tiredness and fatigue can be caused by reduced blood flow that is sent to the muscles and tissues. Your body is too busy trying to deliver blood to the brain and heart because this is the most vital organ.

#5 Cause of Constant Coughing

People with coughs experience heart disease is wrong. The cough itself does not mean heart problems. However, if you noticed other signs of heart disease,

attention to your cough and consult the doctor. If the blood returns to the lungs, the patient’s heart can not keep coughing and phlegm white or pink.

#6 Cause Of Rapid Weight Gain

Keeping track of your diet, but still, keep in obtaining pounds? This is another symptom of heart disease. Not necessarily fat is gained. It is possible to become heavier due to fluid accumulation.

If your legs swell, feet, ankles, this could mean that you are suffering from diseases of the heart.