8 Leg Health Problems, Very Dangerous For Your Health

We all experienced foot pain or some other problem with our feet at some point or the other. Now, it may be caused by a minor injury, overtime, malnutrition, or even stress, but there are times when some leg problems arise as a signal to something much more serious. Here is a list of health problems that may show itself through your feet. If you think you have one of those


  1. Swelling in the legs
  2. “Electric” sick

Edema, a swelling caused by fluid does not drain properly from your body, can be associated with poor kidney function. You can also feel the electricity as a tingling feeling. The skin around your eyes swelling is another symptom of this problem. go the next page to read more??

When the venous valves in your body are weak or damaged, it causes the blood flowing difficulty of the heart to members. This causes swelling, particularly in and around the ankle. It also causes pigmentation and feeling too tired legs. Continue Reading…

When one or both chambers of the heart lose their ability to work efficiently in pumping blood, it causes it to become accumulated in the lower limbs. This, in turn, causes the legs to swell and cause a lot of pain.

Thrombosis, a blood clot in the circulatory system can cause a combination of these symptoms. It’s a pretty serious issue, so if you are afraid, you could experience this, please go to the doctor immediately

  1. The increase in temperature in the legs
  2. skin changes color
  3. pain
  4. Fatigue

Some of the early symptoms of liver failure can be seen through your feet. Swelling and spider veins appear on your legs because blood flows efficiently between the intestine, spleen, pancreas, and liver…

  1. Fatigue
  2. Skin

You can also see problems in the thyroid gland when it becomes overactive, causing hyperthyroidism if you feel the symptoms listed above.
Atherosclerosis is a problem in which fatty deposits clog arteries end, which is quite serious because it can cause fatal heart problems. This causes the foot to receive less blood, so weak, painful, and pale in color.