This is why people put strawberries in saltwater

You will never want to eat strawberries without a salt bath again

In summer, we want to enjoy a handful of fresh strawberries, but now we see the sweet fruit is very different. In social media, we are now seeing zealots strawberries dipped in saltwater containers. And the reason behind this is less appetizing than you expect


We all sometimes find bugs in our fruit bowl, but our fruit may also contain insects. This is what we see in the video ticktock, where a woman dips strawberries in salted water. When the strawberries have been in the water for a while, the little worm crawling out of the fruit. Normally, you will eat it!


A lot of people rinse their fruit under the tap before taking a bite. However, to ensure that strawberries are also clean interior will take a little more effort. To remove them from the fruit, fill a bowl with water, and add salt to it. When the salt is dissolved, dip the strawberries in water. Then let the fruit steep for a few minutes to half an hour. Worms and other small insects crawl out of strawberries in the salt bath.


There are many videos of people repeat this experiment in social media. the result is often the same: if you choose not to eat the insects with your strawberries, give them a bath salt. Many people have found that disgusting creature appeared.