What Happen To Your Body If you Eat Peanuts every day

If you have eaten peanuts every day, do you already wonder how do you have an impact? Is it prudent to eat peanuts every day? Researchers have discovered that eating peanuts every day can help your heart health.

Live longer

Eating nuts has been shown to increase age.
The latest research from Harvard shows that people who eat peanuts every day reduce the risk of their deaths from all causes of 25%. page [5 & 6] is very inmportant

Shrink your waist.

Beans and peanut butter are useful for weight maintenance.
Research from Purdue University shows that beans increase YY peptide hormones, which promote satiety and fullness.
Peanut eaters and peanut butter often have lower BMI and weight even if they consume more calories.

Follow your heart

Peanuts carry the logo check the heart of the American Heart Association.
Research from Harvard shows that eating daily nuts reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 28% .1
Replacing red meat in a diet with plant proteins such as peanuts can reduce the risk of heart disease by 18%.

Preventing disease with vegetable proteins

A portion of an ounce of peanuts contains about 7.5 grams of vegetable proteins without cholesterol.5
Cacahuets contain more protein than any other nut.5

Harvard’s research shows that a high diet in red meat is associated with unfavorable biomarkers of glucose inflammation and metabolism. Substitute red meat with another protein food, such as peanuts, is associated with a healthier biomarker profile.

Another Harvard study found that the exchange of a portion of transformed or unprocessed red meat for a protein alternative such as nuts can reduce the risk of 18% stroke .7 .5

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