What Will Happen To Your Body If You Eat Avocados Every Day

Avocado is rare the food is rich and soft, full of fat is really good for you! But you really want to be careful about expenses. Nothing feels so good to be eaten every day. In fact, there is no health reason not to pamper every day, and there are many reasons this is a good choice. The only thing that can stop you is high prices. In The next page you will see to How To protect your Heart…go to the next page

Protect Your Heart

The type of fat contained in avocados is “good” monounsaturated fat which can help reduce the risk of heart attack and lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Avocado contain A lot of several antioxidants that can prevent inflammation in blood vessels. The result is an increase in blood circulation and a liver that is happier.

Helps For Losing Weight

It’s a bit contrary to intuition to think that eating more fat can actually help you lose weight, but after study shows that avocado is a valuable part of the diet. The reason is that it’s fat content and fiber (around 15g per fruit) makes you feel full and satisfied after eating Result of,

Helps For Lower Risk Of Diabetes

Recent research shows that avocados can also help in regulating blood sugar. According to a participant in one study, it can measure blood glucose levels and insulin regularly. Depending on the steps, even though adding avocados to food increases calories and carbohydrates consumed, it does not increase blood sugar.

Fight The Inflammation Correctly

Chronic inflammation is the cause of many diseases including allergies of heart disease asthma disease and, Alzheimer’s, arthritis. Avocado can help reduce chronic inflammation because of oleic acid content. Oleys, as well as an important component of olive oil, associated with reduced inflammation in people who consume regularly.

Helps Improve Your Eyes

Macular degeneration is the First cause of blindness Lutein and Zeaxanthin nutrition are very useful in fighting this substance. Surprise, these two nutrients can also be absorbed by the body through a diet (not as a supplement), so that avocados can directly affect the health of your eyes. In fact